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Our upvc windows are designed to provide good strength and insulation with a sleek 'timber like' appearance that's built to last. The glass has a special coating to reflect heat back into your home and helping lower your energy bills. Argon gas between the panes of glass increases insulation and also reduces condensation on the inner pane. In addition, the warm edge spacer bar reduces thermal transfer between the gap by using non-metallic and non-conducting material providing better insulation.

High Security Windows

The clear-line double glazing provides a frame to glass look without the unsightly rubber seals showing offering a sleeker, cleaner look to the window. The locking mechanism pulls the sash into the frame to provide high security and a draught-proof seal. In fact the locks on the handles are becoming preferred by most home insurers to reduce premiums because they offer better security.

Double Glazing

1 Fully reinforced multi chambered  fully sculptured upvc frames.

2 Low e' heat reflective glass

3 Argon gas filled double glazed units

4 Warm edge spacer bars

5 Clear-line glazing

6 Multi-point locking systems

7 Locking handles

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Double Glazed Windows


Tilt and Turn

Fully Reversible

Sliding Sash

Energy Efficient Windows available in Inverness Velux Windows

Velux Windows